I've been using Vim for about 2 years now, mostly because I can't figure out how to exit it

  • Sat 27 February 2010
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MyBook World Edition (Blue Rings) - My Set Up - Part 2

As promised, I'm back on the second part of the setting up steps for my MyBook World Edition Blue Rings. In my last post I was planning to go through installing the vsftpd FTP server, LightHttpd web server and registering with DynDns - all in one go. Due to my crazy …

  • Sat 20 February 2010
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Old Spice - Commercials That Catch

I've watched this Old Spice advert over and over - it's only 33 seconds but really good in my opinion. "Look at your man, now back to me"...and the ending it's just hilarious - "I'm on a horse". Check it out on YouTube: Old Spice | The Man Your Man Could Smell …

  • Fri 12 February 2010
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MyBook World Edition (Blue Rings) - My Set Up - Part 1

Last winter holidays I've got a MyBook World Edition Blue Rings, 2TB. Yes, I know - it's not the latest kid in town. After many hours (which turned into days), trials and errors, and after doing a lot of reading - I've managed to set it up (read:hack it) the way …

  • Tue 19 January 2010
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Electricienii lui Base

Cel mai tare comentariu facut referitor la remarca lui Geoana si influentarea lui cu energii negative pe timpul campaniei electorale - este facuta de "Uba Buba" pe site-ul Realitatea, redau comentariul exact: Asa este ! I-l cautam prin pat si el la Vantu. Asta din cauza lui Base si electricienii lui. Super …

Zaz - The Game

Good free games don't come along very often. Zaz is one of them. According to the description of the author, Zaz " a puzzle game where the player has to arrange balls in triplets." Don't be fooled by the short description - Zaz has quite a few levels ranging from moderate …

  • Sat 12 September 2009
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Comentariu Adevarat

Mi-a placut foarte mult comentariul unui cititor de pe, si mi-a mers la inima. Il redau aici: Imi plac sondajele care ma pot surprinde prin rezultat. Acum nu e cazul. Am avut angajati tigani, bagati pe gat prin tot felul de actiuni social-caritabile. Toti m-au furat. Intarziau la …

Za Stritz af Bucarest

Daca tot am depasit momentul cu prima postare sa trecem la ceva mai substantial. Caini comunitari au fost dintotdeauna pe strazile Bucurestiului. Dar nu asa ca acum. Imi amintesc cind eram mic, locuiam in Drumul Taberei si chiar ma "imprietenisem" cu trei caini ai strazii. Eram nedespartiti pentru o perioada …

A Li'l Note Taking App - QuotePad (Windows)

UPDATE 2015: I am still using Quotepad on Windows, however since creating this post in 2009, I have noticed that the application (unfortunately) is no longer available on the author's website and further development seems to have stopped. I believe that this a great desktop utility, you can grab a …

Yes or No

The answer was YES. Sometimes, things really, really, really go your way. Sometimes. Talk soon.