I've been using Vim for about 2 years now, mostly because I can't figure out how to exit it

myTinyToDo - Simple to-do list script written in PHP and jQuery

Some time ago I came across a great script - myTinyTodo, by Max Pozdeev.

To start off, this is a very simple and straightforward (self-hosted) script that helps you maintain several lists; it can be a a ToDo list, bookmarks, links, receipts and anything that's text. That's right, myTinyToDo doesn't do pictures (at least for now) - but honestly, I personally don't mind that.


I am using myTinyToDo on two different places:

  1. On the Intranet server, and since the script doesn't do multiple logins, I have several installations, each for a user (renamed the folder to user's name). Typing "m" in front of the http address for a location, will take you to the mobile version of the script, which by the way, looks great on small screens and excellent on iPhone. Turning this into an extranet can be really convenient (I choose not to since I don't have enough security for that).

  2. At home - on my 2TB MyBookWorld that's always available online no matter where I am - and thanks to DynDns service I can access my lists from anywhere I have Internet connection. Also, myTinyToDo it's bookmarked in my Firefox and the bookmark it's marked to load in the sidebar. That way I can easily save snippets and other info, it's always there, a shortcut away.

Here's some of the reasons I choose to mention this great script in here:

  • no clutter, based on multiple lists
  • "New Task" doubles up as a search box - very clever and space saving
  • tasks can be moved using the mouse up or down the list (drag and drop), as well as between lists
  • the expected features are there: priority, due date, additional notes
  • multiple choices to sort
  • tagging (also with auto-tagging - great feature!)
  • lists can be published (and they become publicly visible as they are - or as RSS
  • the script runs FAST
  • choice of installation based on MySql or Sqlite

I'd say that's pretty impressive for a personal ToDo list that's self hosted. myTinyToDo has reached now version 1.3.5, and zipped up weights only 126kb (amazing!).

Thanks for the script Max Pozdeev!