I've been using Vim for about 2 years now, mostly because I can't figure out how to exit it

Random Thoughts - Successful Implementations Or Total Fiasco

What is the key to build successful Intranets? Well, well, well... that depends on how you define successful. The way I see it, I am looking at two possible scenarios here:

Pushing a "solution" to users and forcing them to use it (or else...), by providing (bare) means to achieve the desired results and level of productivity

Here's the profile:

  • usually such deployments employ spartan, unintuitive user interfaces
  • the Help section points to a "contact admin" email address
  • there's no wiki
  • the CEO has a "blog" that's actually updated from time to time by the girl at the reception (yup, everyone knows this)
  • pressing the Search button does nothing
  • SSO...? what the heck is that...?
The opposite of the first scenario: plan a solution having the users and the context in mind, implement it, get feedback, improve it. Amaze the user, and make them love your app.


  • the interface has big buttons/labels that are clearly marked and are located in the "right" place
  • RSS or email alerts as well as drag and drop functionality from desktop - are supported
  • there is a comprehensive help section as well as support ticketing system - just a click away and it's all connected to the IT department in real time.
  • employees are able to post updates and contact each other.
  • where possible, AJAX it's the king (no page reloading)
  • mobile version is available
  • the Search button actually works
  • the browser knows who you are and applies the right permissions for you

Of course there's more to say but I think you get the idea. Incredibly, from what I've seen, both scenarios might deliver results.

What I think is that it comes down to each company/corporation's policies and philosophy on how much they are willing to invest in their employees productivity and ease of use. It's all a matter of approach.