I've been using Vim for about 2 years now, mostly because I can't figure out how to exit it

Testing your startup idea - how do you measure?

The idea

I hear you! You have this great idea and... it's a really great idea! You know that out there you might have potential customers and you "feel" that they might be willing to pay for the services or goods your idea provides. Heck, you would also pay for this yourself if this was available! That's a good start, you believe in it.

*The Research

You've done your research and realized that there's others who have put your idea in practice already.

But that's alright. Those versions are only "variations" of yours. You feel you can do better then others, and besides... it's not just the idea itself. It's also how you execute it, how you put in practice.

The Funding

However, there's a small problem. You can't get the ball rolling because you don't have enough funds. If you could only prove that this is such a great idea, than you will (maybe) be able to attract funding.

How do you prove that there's demand? Perhaps the title of this post should say "Testing your startup idea - how do you test it?"...

Hang on... before funding you need to prove that this will drive sales!

Some say "fake it 'till you make it". But this cannot always be done. Or I don't know how to do it (in my case). Some say "create it and they will come". That may be true, but I guess that applies to already established investors who can "create".

Yup, that's me

You probably realized by now - I am talking about myself. Yes, I am the man with the crazy idea. And yes, if put in practice - it is going to compete with some of the "big players" out there. I think my options in testing if there's a market for this - are pretty limited as of now. Create a survey... or create a survey. However, I still don't think that a survey will truly reflect the reality (because of many reasons).

The bottom line

Will this be easy to put in practice...? I think not. But the real question is - is this product going to be useful? I think yes. But that's just me. Somehow I need to validate this statement...

Right, if you've kept reading so far, you probably wonder what my product is and what the heck I am talking about? I've been reading on HN that sharing your idea it's not a bad thing - with all the pro's and con's that come with that. So I'll go midway.

My to-be product it is about note taking. It is about creating the best note-taking app out there and about putting the user in complete control. I know that the first thing that will come to your mind is Evernote - but I do not want to go into a debate now... this is not about how good Evernote is.

So there... if you have any ideas or suggestions on how can I test demand for a note-taking app, I'm all ears.

PS - If you share the passion about creating a note-taking app that will be different then what's out there now - I would love to hear from you. Being able to write cross-platfom apps would be helpful: gabriel at intranets-talk dot com.