I've been using Vim for about 2 years now, mostly because I can't figure out how to exit it

Building NoterBox

NoterBox is an "Inbox" style note-taking application with file attachments. Featuring an anti-social design (yup, minimum sharing), single user only, NoterBox is made to be your personal "Google". The concept is very simple: send any type of information to NoterBox and find it later through a powerful search engine when …

  • Sat 31 January 2015
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Programming languages

Here’s another one. I didn’t know that Windows XP and Windows Server 2008 are programming languages. As per some employer’s job requirements – apparently yes, they are. They are looking for a Senior QA Analyst with a B.Sc. Degree in Computer Science, that knows a few “programming …

  • Sun 02 November 2014
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Ubuntu: how to add right-click context menu in Nautilus to resize images

Adding an option to the context menu in Nautilus, Ubuntu to re-size images is fairly simple. Therefore, this short how-to is geared towards beginners. We'll be using an extension for Nautilus, called nautilus-image-converter. This works in Ubuntu 14.04 as well as in previous Ubuntu versions (as far as …

  • Sun 26 October 2014
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Recruit me using a Hotmail address

Nothing wrong with having a Hotmail email address. Or Live, or Outlook for that matter. I am an IT professional, or at least that's what I would like to think. Although I would not class myself as "top of the line" - I have managed to build some experience and …

Screen Capture And FTP Upload - With Jet Screenshot (Windows)

Why Jet Screenshot - when out there, you can find so many screen capture utilities for your Windows desktop? Well, here's why: besides that it's free, it has a feature that I could not find in other free screen capture apps (at least so far): uploads your screen captures to a …

Mint 15 Olivia or Zorin OS 7?

My computer with Ubuntu 12.10 seems to have issues. At the moment I can't tell if it's the machine or OS... Apart from taking several attempts to boot, it "freezes" as well. Actually it's the mouse that does not work, that's what I mean by "freeze". Mouse moves …