I've been using Vim for about 2 years now, mostly because I can't figure out how to exit it

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  • Sun 02 November 2014
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Ubuntu: how to add right-click context menu in Nautilus to resize images

Adding an option to the context menu in Nautilus, Ubuntu to re-size images is fairly simple. Therefore, this short how-to is geared towards beginners. We'll be using an extension for Nautilus, called nautilus-image-converter. This works in Ubuntu 14.04 as well as in previous Ubuntu versions (as far as …

  • Mon 30 January 2012
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How to get Blogilo working in Elementary OS

I've recently installed Blogilo in Elementary OS (which is based on Ubuntu). It installed without any complains, however, when I have fire it up - I was greeted by "Cannot connect to database". Hmmm... Of course, I have turned to Google for help, and here's what I found: get a …

  • Sun 06 February 2011
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Automated FTP Files Backup Using 7-zip Command Line - Windows Script

In my previous post I was talking about creating a Windows script to perform automated backup of your MySQL databases. We’ll do something similar today, except that we’ll use 7-zip command line version to perform automated FTP backups of files or folders in Windows. I have tested …

  • Wed 02 February 2011
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Automated FTP Backup of WAMP MySQL Databases on Windows Server 2003

On this one, I'll talk about setting up automated backups of one or more MySQL databases - on a Windows Server 2003 running WAMP server. This should work on your personal computer as well, on different versions of Windows, but I have only have set it up so far on WS …

  • Sat 27 February 2010
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MyBook World Edition (Blue Rings) - My Set Up - Part 2

As promised, I'm back on the second part of the setting up steps for my MyBook World Edition Blue Rings. In my last post I was planning to go through installing the vsftpd FTP server, LightHttpd web server and registering with DynDns - all in one go. Due to my crazy …

  • Fri 12 February 2010
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MyBook World Edition (Blue Rings) - My Set Up - Part 1

Last winter holidays I've got a MyBook World Edition Blue Rings, 2TB. Yes, I know - it's not the latest kid in town. After many hours (which turned into days), trials and errors, and after doing a lot of reading - I've managed to set it up (read:hack it) the way …