I've been using Vim for about 2 years now, mostly because I can't figure out how to exit it

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  • Sat 31 January 2015
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Programming languages

Here’s another one. I didn’t know that Windows XP and Windows Server 2008 are programming languages. As per some employer’s job requirements – apparently yes, they are. They are looking for a Senior QA Analyst with a B.Sc. Degree in Computer Science, that knows a few “programming …

  • Sun 26 October 2014
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Recruit me using a Hotmail address

Nothing wrong with having a Hotmail email address. Or Live, or Outlook for that matter. I am an IT professional, or at least that's what I would like to think. Although I would not class myself as "top of the line" - I have managed to build some experience and …

Mint 15 Olivia or Zorin OS 7?

My computer with Ubuntu 12.10 seems to have issues. At the moment I can't tell if it's the machine or OS... Apart from taking several attempts to boot, it "freezes" as well. Actually it's the mouse that does not work, that's what I mean by "freeze". Mouse moves …

  • Mon 02 April 2012
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Testing your startup idea - how do you measure?

The idea I hear you! You have this great idea and... it's a really great idea! You know that out there you might have potential customers and you "feel" that they might be willing to pay for the services or goods your idea provides. Heck, you would also pay for …

  • Sun 28 August 2011
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Degradare intretinuta

Mi se pare mie sau starea de degradare continua este intentionat intretinuta in Romania..? Si degresul continua...

  • Wed 09 February 2011
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EBA spune ca tiganii fac parte din viitorul Romaniei

Asa spune ea. Inca o data, a dovedit ca atunci cind iti doresti foarte mult ceva... se poate indeplini. Dar trebuie sa iti doresti tare, tare, tare. Si ea isi doreste. Sint si ei oameni, nu? Ma bucur ca EBA nu ma reprezinta. Link sursa: Realitatea TV (dead link …

  • Sun 06 February 2011
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Reminiscente Parazitii - Mesaj pentru Europa

Parazitii - Mesaj pentru Europa. Nu stiu daca titlul reda ceea ce imi inspira mie melodia asta, oricum, mi se pare ca mesajul e mai mult pentru romani decit pentru Europa. De ce...? Ca sa le aminteasca romanilor cum erau inainte si ca inca au "coloana vertrebrala". Opriti tiganizarea Romaniei …

Random Thoughts - Successful Implementations Or Total Fiasco

What is the key to build successful Intranets? Well, well, well... that depends on how you define successful. The way I see it, I am looking at two possible scenarios here: Pushing a "solution" to users and forcing them to use it (or else...), by providing (bare) means to …

  • Sat 20 February 2010
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Old Spice - Commercials That Catch

I've watched this Old Spice advert over and over - it's only 33 seconds but really good in my opinion. "Look at your man, now back to me"...and the ending it's just hilarious - "I'm on a horse". Check it out on YouTube: Old Spice | The Man Your Man Could Smell …