I've been using Vim for about 2 years now, mostly because I can't figure out how to exit it

How to take screenshots in Ubuntu 14.04 without installing additional software

As a general rule, I am very much for making use of the built-in features of the OS I am using - especially if they are well implemented - and this goes for taking screen shots as well.

I have been a Ubuntu user for quite a while now (few good years) -and for a long time I have used the Print Screen on my keyboard to take screen shots in Ubuntu. This takes a screen shot of the entire screen area. Next step was to fire my image editor (Shotwell, of course) and crop the image as I need it - and this was the case most of the times.

Never looked closer into options, and on the other hand - I did not want a dedicated app sitting on my task panel just for this purpose only. After digging a little bit deeper (thanks Google!) - here's what I've got:

Colons can be used to align columns.

Shortcut Info
Print Screen takes a screen shot of the whole screen area
Alt + Print Screen takes a screen shot of the focused window
Shift + Print Screen it lets you select a screen area before taking a screen shot

There are a few more key combinations that lets you copy to clipboard. Although I am not using those very often, they can come in handy:

Shortcut Info
Shift + Ctrl + Print Screen copies selected area to clipboard
Ctrl + Print Screen copies whole screen area to clipboard
Ctrl + Alt + Print Screen copies a screen shot of the focused window to the clipboard

And there ya go - no more cropping of screen shots!