I've been using Vim for about 2 years now, mostly because I can't figure out how to exit it

  • Mon 02 April 2012
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Testing your startup idea - how do you measure?

The idea I hear you! You have this great idea and... it's a really great idea! You know that out there you might have potential customers and you "feel" that they might be willing to pay for the services or goods your idea provides. Heck, you would also pay for …

  • Mon 30 January 2012
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How to get Blogilo working in Elementary OS

I've recently installed Blogilo in Elementary OS (which is based on Ubuntu). It installed without any complains, however, when I have fire it up - I was greeted by "Cannot connect to database". Hmmm... Of course, I have turned to Google for help, and here's what I found: get a …

  • Sun 28 August 2011
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Degradare intretinuta

Mi se pare mie sau starea de degradare continua este intentionat intretinuta in Romania..? Si degresul continua...

  • Wed 09 February 2011
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EBA spune ca tiganii fac parte din viitorul Romaniei

Asa spune ea. Inca o data, a dovedit ca atunci cind iti doresti foarte mult ceva... se poate indeplini. Dar trebuie sa iti doresti tare, tare, tare. Si ea isi doreste. Sint si ei oameni, nu? Ma bucur ca EBA nu ma reprezinta. Link sursa: Realitatea TV (dead link …

  • Sun 06 February 2011
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Reminiscente Parazitii - Mesaj pentru Europa

Parazitii - Mesaj pentru Europa. Nu stiu daca titlul reda ceea ce imi inspira mie melodia asta, oricum, mi se pare ca mesajul e mai mult pentru romani decit pentru Europa. De ce...? Ca sa le aminteasca romanilor cum erau inainte si ca inca au "coloana vertrebrala". Opriti tiganizarea Romaniei …

  • Sun 06 February 2011
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Automated FTP Files Backup Using 7-zip Command Line - Windows Script

In my previous post I was talking about creating a Windows script to perform automated backup of your MySQL databases. We’ll do something similar today, except that we’ll use 7-zip command line version to perform automated FTP backups of files or folders in Windows. I have tested …

  • Wed 02 February 2011
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Automated FTP Backup of WAMP MySQL Databases on Windows Server 2003

On this one, I'll talk about setting up automated backups of one or more MySQL databases - on a Windows Server 2003 running WAMP server. This should work on your personal computer as well, on different versions of Windows, but I have only have set it up so far on WS …

Random Thoughts - Successful Implementations Or Total Fiasco

What is the key to build successful Intranets? Well, well, well... that depends on how you define successful. The way I see it, I am looking at two possible scenarios here: Pushing a "solution" to users and forcing them to use it (or else...), by providing (bare) means to …

myTinyToDo - Simple to-do list script written in PHP and jQuery

Some time ago I came across a great script - myTinyTodo, by Max Pozdeev. To start off, this is a very simple and straightforward (self-hosted) script that helps you maintain several lists; it can be a a ToDo list, bookmarks, links, receipts and anything that's text. That's right, myTinyToDo doesn't do …

FlySpray - The bug killer

Here's a little script that has been created initially to keep track of software bugs. However, it can easily be modified for other types of usage: task assignment, tracking projects, sales quoting system and probably other things as well. Not many themes around and development it's slow, but I personally …