I've been using Vim for about 2 years now, mostly because I can't figure out how to exit it

Screen Capture And FTP Upload - With Jet Screenshot (Windows)

Why Jet Screenshot - when out there, you can find so many screen capture utilities for your Windows desktop?


Well, here's why: besides that it's free, it has a feature that I could not find in other free screen capture apps (at least so far): uploads your screen captures to a FTP server of your choice. Not to mention that many of the paid apps out there are totally lacking this feature. I've also looked at Zscreen; Lots of options (too many, if you ask me), lots of features, but I could not get it to upload to my FTP server. If I insisted I'm pretty sure that I would've get it to work, but after a couple of days I gave up.

I am not affiliated in any way with Jet Screenshot, but after testing several other screen capture utilities (which by the way, were not too bad either) - I chose this one simply because it works for me.

I've been a BugShooting user for quite a while, and honestly, I can say that the app it's pretty good and it has impressive features. However, there are two things that made me switch: 1. the lack of FTP upload feature while the app was free, and 2. now that that feature has been implemented, BugShooting costs close to 20 Euros. So, since switching my screen capture app, I've been "testing" several others and found that Jet Screenshot suits me best: Here's why:

  • Outputs screen captures to a FTP server, with choice of the remote directory;
  • Outputs to the Clipboard (so you can just use Paste into other editor);
  • Saves screen shots to local computer as JPEG or PNG;
  • Uploads screen shots to web so you can share them online (Jet Screenshot account required for that);
  • Screen shots can be edited after capture - built in editor it's pretty decent, has the basics: crop, text, shapes;
  • Support for dual monitors, option to start with Windows, and shortcuts for capturing regions only.

The only "negative" thing I can mention it's that all screen captures taken with Jet Screenshot - are watermarked in the right bottom corner - with their logo. I'm cool with that, the watermark it's not over sized and I don't find that intrusive.

Like I said, after a bit of research I found Jet Screenshot to serve me best when doing screen captures on my Windows desktop - and hopefully it will stay freeware, you can grab it from their website. Do you have other alternatives..?