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Ubuntu: how to add right-click context menu in Nautilus to resize images

Adding an option to the context menu in Nautilus, Ubuntu to re-size images is fairly simple. Therefore, this short how-to is geared towards beginners.

We'll be using an extension for Nautilus, called nautilus-image-converter. This works in Ubuntu 14.04 as well as in previous Ubuntu versions (as far as 12.04) - and is dependent on:

  • gtk+ 2.4.0
  • nautilus 2.6.0
  • ImageMagick

Lets' proceed; fire up the terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T), type the text below and press Enter:

sudo apt-get install nautilus-image-converter

OK, so far so good. Now, selecting a single (or multiple images), and right-clicking the selection, should give us the option to re-size or rotate the selected photos:


Re-sizing (multiple) images:


You can go with the presets, or choose your own size (by size or scale). There is also an option to re-size in place (replace the existing images), or create new re-sized images (keep original), having the word "re-sized" at the end of title. I personally always choose to keep original images. Neat.

Rotating images:


Here, you can find similar options to re-sizing the images - pretty much self-explanatory.

I like the simplicity of this Nautilus extension, and the fact that this does not require a separate installation of a full-blown application.

Of course that out there you can find much powerful batch image processing solutions for Ubuntu, but for occasional user that needs simple re-sizing or rotating of images - this might just fit the bill (it does for me).